Big Chetac and Birch Lakes Association


  • Lake Planning Grant Applied for and Awarded to Determine Viability, Effectiveness, Concentration and Cost of an Aluminum Oxide(ALUM) Treatment to reduce phosphorous levels in the lake ($11,675 Project – all in 2013)
  • Curly Leaf Pond Weed Control Grant Applied for and Awarded ($218,678 program spread over 3 years)
  • 2013 Association Meeting Dates and Times


  • CLP Control Grant Applied for 2nd Time
  • Clean Boats, Clean Waters Boater Education Grant Applied for and Awarded ($9,000 over 3 Years)
  • Had Multiple Meetings with the DNR to discuss CLP Grant
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Support for CLP Control was sought from township
  • CLP Control Grant Applied for and denied
  • The Association Conducted a Survey of members and the general public on the use of chemicals to treat CLP
  • The Board Adopted the Formal Lake Management Plan
  • The LCO Tribe placed 1500 Walleye into the lake
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Draft of Formal Lake Management Plan Written
  • Plans for a CLP Control Grant were made
  • Support for CLP Control was sought from Township
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Nutrient Grant Project Results Received
  • Walleyes for Tomorrow released 1.8 million eggs into the lake in May
  • The IRS granted the lake Association 501(c)3 status
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Planned for a Walleye Spawning Program for 2009
  • Plant Survey Report Received
  • Sawyer County Sewer Survey Report Received
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Nutrient Grant Study work began
  • Nutrient Grant Applied for and Awarded
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Tested waters in tributaries for phosphorous
  • Nutrient Grant Applied for and denied
  • Sponsored a volunteer septic system testing by Sawyer County
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Began planning for Nutrient Grant
  • Volunteers do GPS Mapping of weed beds
  • Discussed CLP Treatment Options with DNR
  • Opposed Zillmer Rezone and Motocross Track Request
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Water clarity testing continues
  • New buoys purchased for hazard areas
  • Main boat landing on Big Chetac receives repairs
  • Fishing continues to improve
  • Curly Leaf Pondweed investigation begins
  • Walleye population increasing due to stocking
  • 4th of July boat parade


  • Court case won preventing increase in boat mooring on lake lot
  • Fishing is much improved due to fish cribs
  • Hats for sale as fundraiser
  • Four baby loons born on the lake
  • Water clarity testing continues
  • Association meeting dates changed to Saturday to improve attendance
  • Lake Association joins Walleyes for Tomorrow


  • Water clarity testing continues
  • Survey conducted to restore Heron Creek
  • Association members help install Loon nesting boxes
  • Core sample funding request voted down by Association membership
  • Association By-Laws changed to allow voting by proxy


  • Investigated alum treatment for the algae bloom
  • Adopt a buoy program implemented
  • Fish crib project completed
  • Water clarity testing continues
  • Donation to Red Cross after 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • Purple Loosestrife control project
  • Water quality testing project supported by Association


  • Fish crib project continues
  • Water clarity testing continues
  • Lake bridge replacement project


  • Walleye spawning project continues
  • Fish crib project continues
  • Water quality testing continues
  • Walleye spawning project results received


  • Association receives approval for fish cribs
  • Walleye stocking begins
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Ice fishing creel survey in cooperation with DNR
  • Walleye spawning project continues
  • Project to increase pan fish population and size
  • Lake road safety initiative
  • Water clarity testing continues


  • Buoys purchased and placed
  • Signs for boat landings built and installed
  • Fundraising raffle held
  • Walleye spawning project begins
  • Water clarity testing continues
  • Voluntary septic testing - Dye made available


  • Lake Association was formed
  • Water clarity testing begins

Historical Timeline